April 21, 2011

A Moonstone and Pearl Pairing

I have a couple strands of freshwater pearls in shades of lilac, and I realized they pair nicely with rainbow moonstone. I made two pair of earrings with these pearls and moonstone, and I have more ideas brewing.
A new necklace, perhaps?

April 06, 2011

Tiny Beads

So I have these tiny amazonite beads that I bought a few months ago. I intended to wrap them around sterling hoops or earwires that I make, which I did. But then I had the idea to stick head pins in them and cluster them around chrysocolla quartz. My problem is, I don't have any fine-gauge head pins. My solution: I made my own ball head pins with my butane torch.

I have made my own ball head pins with fine silver wire in the past, but making them with very fine-gauge sterling silver wire is, well, frustrating. I had trouble grabbing them with the pliers, and I had to make sure I didn't put them too close to the flame (I had one that partially melted).

I love these chrysocolla quartz beads so much, I am about to make another pair of earrings using them. And guess what? I need to make more ball head pins because, just like these earrings, my new pair will incorporate more tiny beads.