May 27, 2011

Amazing Find from Stumbleupon - Toothpick Sculpture

I found this a few days ago while I was on Stumbelupon. I can't imagine the patience it takes to create something this amazing. There are more pics on flickr.
Toothpick sculpture of San Francisco by Scott Weaver

May 13, 2011

Random Website Find -

As we all know, consumer prices are rising. If you do the grocery shopping in your family, I am sure you cringe when you notice the price of a loaf of bread, for example. Add the cost of gas to get to the store and, well, it all adds up.

I recently read an article about websites that offer coupons. There are a lot of them out there, but some of them are not reliable or honest. One of the reliable sites mentioned, is CouponNetwork.

CouponNetwork offers two ways for you to save money. The first involved printable, manufacturer coupons (like the ones you might get at the checkout line). These coupons have a “print by” date, and you can sort the coupons by this date if you choose.

The second way to save is through their YourBucks® offers. These are rewards that earn on future purchases. Once you purchase promoted products, you receive your YourBucks® offers that has a cash-like use on a future purchase.

Granted, there are not a lot of coupons and deals listed on this site (right now I see 16 YourBucks® offers and 33 printable coupons). But with the high cost of just about everything, it might be time to do a little comparison coupon shopping!