November 22, 2010

My Weekend in Review - Adventures in Beer Making

This past weekend was coooold! It was 28 degrees outside on Sunday morning. And when the temperature gets low, my husband gets excited. No, he's not excited about the prospect of snow; for him, it means it's beer-brewing time! He started brewing his own beer about three years ago (even though he is not a big beer drinker), and the type of beer he brews depends on the weather. Since it's cold, he is making a lager.

Now home brewing is something that takes two people, since it involves lifting a heavy brewpot among other things. My husband uses an outdoor propane cooker to heat the ingredients, so that means we get to stand outside in the cold. So lucky me, I get to stand outside in the cold AND clean up the invariable kitchen mess that comes with beer making. Luckily we finished up outside before it started to rain!

As for me, I am excited at the prospect of snow.

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