January 06, 2011

Frost and Labradorite

When I first started buying jewelry supplies years ago, I decided to buy seed beads in various colors and shapes. I don't even quite remember what I was planning on doing with them, but I recently re-discovered these cute little frosted beads. I have them in two different sizes and when strung next to each other, create a nice texture. I knew right away that these beads would look lovely with labradorite, so I stung them on my handmade earwires and attached a briolette. I even decided to buy more of these little beads in a few different colors.


  1. I really love your pictures. Do you mind sharing your secret?

  2. Thanks! I think luck plays a big part! But one of my favorite techniques is to photograph from different angles. Moving the camera even an inch can make a big difference.