October 09, 2010

It’s Time for Halloween Decorations!

I recently decorated my fireplace mantel with Halloween/Fall decorations.  I have a candelabra on my fireplace mantel, and I try to add decorations to the candles. There are only so many places I can decorate my house, since I have a cat that will try to eat just about anything. I am limited to the fireplace mantel, and the walls and doors.

I made a list of holiday decorating tips for those of you with four-legged mischief-makers (actually, this would apply to the two-legged kind, too)!

1.      Make sure that any decorations that can become a choking hazard are safely out of reach. If you are decorating a fireplace mantel for instance, and you have a cat that can jump up to it, try placing larger items at the ends of the mantel.
2.      If you have any decorative candle holders sitting out, make sure the candles are not left unattended while lit.
3.      If you have un-used wall space, you can attach metal or wood wall art.  If you don’t want to create new nail holes, you can remove an existing piece of wall art and use the nail that is already there.
4.      You can attach holiday decals to windows and doors. These are nice because they can be re-used.
5.      You can add fake cobwebs to the edges of hanging picture frames. Add some tiny plastic spiders to the webs, or just sit them on top of the frame.
6.      Replace your regular light bulbs with black lights.

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